Our Values

We aim for a culture in which we look at every decision as if it were for our own business. We approach all our investments with conviction and with a view to making things happen. We roll up our sleeves and get involved.

We invest in and support our people and our portfolio companies so they can reach their full potential. This encourages entrepreneurship and passion, while also focussing energy towards our goals and those of our investments and partners.

We believe in living ethically and the importance of this approach in the day to day business of Telemos and our portfolio companies.

We have passion for the businesses in which we invest, as well as for our own. This enthusiasm means we enjoy going the extra mile for our portfolio investments and partners, and enjoy helping the business in which we invest deliver results and continuously improve.

We believe in every member of our team and our partners, and appreciate that they are driven by a sense of personal responsibility and commitment to our values, purpose, goals and those of our portfolio companies. We accept that we are all working together to deliver our common goals and results.

“We once had a prophet in our country, a truly great man named Telemus, skilled in divining.  He told me all… that would later come to pass…”

Homer’s Odyssey, Book IX, 520