Q : How is Telemos different from other investment firms?

Telemos combines the flexible investment horizon and nimble decision-making structure of a family office with the traditional private equity approach of active ownership through acquiring control positions, led by professionals with extensive investment experience. We believe this is a unique combination, which positions us to efficiently execute transactions of varying complexity and actively build and support businesses with a  focus on sustained growth for the long term.

Q : What kind of businesses does Telemos look to invest in?

Telemos is focused on acquiring a small number of majority ownership stakes in high-performing, cash-flow generating and well-managed European businesses, within the sectors of Consumer goods and services, Healthcare services and Business Services. Telemos looks to identify businesses with the potential for sustained revenue and earnings growth through international expansion, add-on acquisitions and/or operational improvements.

Q : In which geographies does Telemos invest?

Telemos has a pan-European focus, including both Western as well as Central and Eastern Europe.

Q : When does Telemos generally seek to exit its investments?

Telemos does not have a fixed investment horizon, affording it the flexibility, where beneficial, to hold investments for a longer period of time than a traditional private equity fund.

Q : Will Telemos consider taking a minority stake in a business?

Telemos looks to add value to businesses through an engaged and active partnership approach, which we believe is best achieved by a majority, controlling (or co-controlling) stake in the business. We will consider transactions in which there is a clear path to transition into a majority ownership position in the near term.

Q : Is Telemos connected to Jacobs Holding?

Telemos is a separate and independent entity from Jacobs Holding.

Q : Is Telemos seeking external investment?

No. Telemos invests private, family capital and is not seeking external investment.